The "Grammar Gun" is the standard issue sidearm for all Grammar Nazis. It is utilized only in the most dire of situations, but is highly dependable as a correction tool when all other options have failed.


The Grammar Gun's design is very basic to enable it to be easily mass-produced. Typically, it is manufactured to be coloured steel-grey and brown. The gun itself is chambered in the powerful 9x19 Correctellum cartridge; while somewhat ineffective at correcting mistakes at long range, it will most certainly get the job done at close range.

Parabellum 1586

The Grammar Gun.


The Grammar Gun is used frequently as a sidearm for Grammar Nazi soldiers and as the primary firearm of Grammar Nazi Officers. It can also be used in situations in which the correction needs to be quick, in which case the Grammar Nazi that is available at the time may rapidly utilize it to correct the grammatical error in question.

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